Vodafone Procurement Agreement

Find out in an upcoming edition of Supply Management how a digital transformation of supply means that Wilson and his team control 83% of spending. While Wilson recognizes the value of implementing technology, he believes it is important not just to introduce new processes. „There are things you should try to see if they work, because it is important to improve your skills and knowledge. That`s why we make sure we have a separate budget to try new things that may or may not work,“ says Wilson. Once we have seen, understood and analyzed a certain technology, we create a business case for implementation and we are strict about how we implement this new technology and this new capability within the organization. In recent years, Vodafone Procurement Company has significantly increased its focus on digitization. For Wilson, the company focuses on „performance management and metrics.“ „If you think about this transactional activity, everything is digitized and metric. The next step we`re working on is to add artificial intelligence (AI) to our processes,“ he says. „In our procurement organization, everything is displayed digitally on scorecards. There is no PowerPoint presentation. Last year, we slowly increased our interest in AI and Machine Learning (ML), which focuses on category management and the tendering process. This is a work in progress and it will ensure that we have covered all parts of the value stream and digitized them through a three- to five-year journey. We are pleased to announce our plan to transform Vodafone`s procurement and procurement processes by converting our technology to Ariba, a leading provider of cloud supply applications. „We have a synergy value in the business case for Liberty, so I know exactly what number I have to beat.

This is the way of thinking about the buying function, we know how much we have to beat, and we will try to exceed that figure. With continuous improvement, which is a key element of Wilson`s mantra, he thinks we can`t afford to stand still. „If you win a gold medal at the Olympics, you`ve done a great job in your special sport, but the people who really stand out are the people who win and still break world records,“ he says. „This is true for us, because we want to have a mentality where it`s about being excellent, what we do, and continually improving all our metrics, costs and performance. That is a mentality that we have in the management team and the management of the supply chain. Wilson believes his organization is in a great place, but he also understands the need to improve every year. „It`s so important that we all have the mindset of improvement and excellence, because we can do better every year,“ says Wilson.