Watchguard License Agreement

WatchGuard requires continuous coverage of security service subscriptions. Service licenses must be renewed before expiry to avoid a service failure. When the subscription has expired, the start date of the renewal license is set at the original expiry date of the license for up to six months. Before you access and use the services, read these terms carefully, as this is a legal agreement between you and WatchGuard. In particular, the sections entitled „DISCLAIMERS,“ „LIMITATION OF LIABILITY“ and „DISPUTE RESOLUTION“ limit WatchGuard`s liability to you and influence how disputes are resolved. If you do not accept a clause in these terms, you cannot use the services. These Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions to which WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. and its associated companies („WatchGuard,“ „we,“ „we“ or „unser“) give you access to or any related website or service to which these terms are related or to which it is referred (together „services“). You`ll find information about how we collect, use, transmit and process other information about you in our privacy statement to Threat detection and response include a license in the function key in the Firebox and licenses for host sensors that you install on arrival points. Threat detection and responsiveness verification end at midnight every day when the host sensor license expires. You now have an active DNSWatchGO trial license.

The 250 users of the trial license will be assigned to your DNSWatch account. The trial license expires after 60 days, but you can renew it once to continue services for an additional 60 days. There are two types of WSM licenses that allow you to manage your WatchGuard Firebox or XTM devices centrally. All licenses must be activated before use. To activate a DNSWatchGO test license for your account: as described in the table below, the number of devices that can be managed for free with these licenses varies depending on the model of the device. To manage additional devices, you can purchase a license upgrade pack. If you activate for the first time a data storage license compatible with a specific firebox model, it will be added as a new license. If you activate a second license compatible with the same Firebox model as an existing license, you can add it as an option as a new license. Each WatchGuard Firebox, XTM or XTMv customer can use WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) to set up and manage a single device without a WSM license. To be able to use WSM`s core management functions, a WatchGuard System Manager license is required.