Sale Of Car Agreement Mauritius

If you see a vehicle, be sure to check it correctly. Watch for bumps and scratches on the body, how clean the interior is and negotiate the price depending on the condition of the car. The resale value of a car depends on the design/model, mileage, age of the vehicle and general condition. When I moved to Mauricie in November 2011, I needed a car to get around, but I didn`t know what the procedures were for me as a buyer. Fortunately, the person who sold me the car was a nice man and he explained everything to me. Two years later, I was in the seller`s shoes and I had no idea of the papers needed for sale, but I ended up learning everything. This contribution is intended to help future buyers and sellers. Once the verification is complete, you are asked to wait for 30 minutes to get 1 TAXED sales confirmation. (it`s a barcode on paper) and payment based on the fee to register the vehicle on your behalf. Different manufacturers/models have a different resale value and, in Mauritius, people are obsessed with the year of manufacture. A car that is 10 years old will therefore be much cheaper than a car that is only 2 years old. To get an idea of how much you can get for your car, try searching the logs (e.g. Lexpress) for a similar factory and for the same year of manufacture.

Adjust your prices to the condition of your car, but always set your final price a little higher than what you want to set up, because buyers always want to negotiate to get a good offer. Once you have reached an agreement on the purchase price, you can prepare the car sales contract to close the deal. Here is a standard car sales deed for you to use and you need 3 copies of these printed white A4 paper. They must be signed and dated by the buyer and seller, and you should keep one for yourself and give the other 2 copies to the buyer. Go to the Chancery in Port Louis (Emmanuelle Anquetil Building here) 6th floor procedure to follow if you buy a car from someone else and transfer the power of the vehicle to the buyer`s name: If you buy a car, the procedures are as follows: As a buyer, you can get a refund for unused auto insurance premiums by telling your insurer that you have sold your car and that you want to cancel your current policy. I was at Sicom Insurance and I got about 5000 Rs. on my full insurance because there were 4 months left. However, the road use tax is not refunded. Once you are done with the Registrar, you must have car insurance. Payment based on the car Details on the fees The previous owner`s insurance is depreciated. The different types for which a vehicle transfer can be made are listed below.

For example, a 7-year-old 1499cc car will pay an R14,000 registration fee. If you apply for „Price Approved by Bosch Car Service and Official Car Valuator,“ the day will appear on your ad if your sale price is less than or equal to the price. This will upgrade your vehicle and potential buyers will be assured that it will be a fair deal for both. Transfer possession of a vehicle purchased by someone Once you are happy, it is good to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic and have a test drive to detect any problems.